Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke

From DC’s Vacancies to Ukraine’s Uncertainties: A Deep Dive into Governance and Accountability | Ep 58

March 19, 2024 Josh Wentz
Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke
From DC’s Vacancies to Ukraine’s Uncertainties: A Deep Dive into Governance and Accountability | Ep 58
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Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke hosts the Straight Talk Podcast, discussing national and international follow-ups. Clarke criticizes the U.S. government's handling of vacant federal buildings in Washington, D.C., arguing that Congress's efforts have made little progress in getting federal employees back to work post-pandemic. He is also vocal about Ukraine aid, questioning accountability for billions of dollars spent on the war against Russia. Clarke also questions the judiciary's impartiality in the Fannie Willis case. He calls the National Guard's NYC subway deployment a superficial solution to safety issues. The podcast concludes with Clarke criticizing the Biden administration's approach to Israel and supporting Israel's decisive military action against Hamas. Clarke emphasizes government efficiency, transparency, and ally support throughout the episode.
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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of the straight talk podcast. I'm your host, former Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke. Thanks for joining me. Let's get right at it here. A couple of follow up stories to start. You know, I've talked about a couple of issues and I, in doing so, I talk about how they don't make the big splash, although they're big ticket items. And it's one of those situations where the media might cover something one time story, and then you never hear any follow up, you never hear anything back. And I promised you that I would. Keep you abreast of some of the things that I've talked in the past. There's new developments, and we have two of those today. First one is you've heard me talk about the vacant federal buildings in Washington DC and the staggering cost of You know running those buildings Costs that go along associated with it, and they're they're more than half empty Due to the pandemic, when everything shut down and the employees were told to work from home, and now getting them back into the building in a more structured environment is turning out to be darn near impossible. Well, we've had some action on this from the Hill, from Congress, and although it's, it's action, it really is a substitute for accomplishment. It's just an activity. You know, the saber rattling that goes on, and then that's the end of it, so that Congress can walk away and say, well, we're doing something about it, we did something about it, when actually they're doing nothing about it. But anyway, there was a hearing about these vacant buildings. And finally, in Congress, these federal agencies are being told, either get your people back to work, 50 percent occupancy rate to begin with, and then they're gonna try to. Move to full occupancy later on in terms of ordering these federal agencies to do this because they've been dragging their feet coming up with excuses as to why the these government workers don't want to return to the office Anyway from this story here the Washington Times it says agencies told to fill vacant offices or give up the space House Clears Sell Off of Federal Ghost Towns, that's the subtitle. I'm just going to read a couple of paragraphs here from this story. IRCBAR reports that federal office buildings sometimes operate at less than 10 percent capacity. The House on Tuesday approved a use it or lose it policy ordering agencies to either get employees back at their desks in their office buildings or give up the space. Like I said, you know, don't expect that there's gonna be much movement on this, but Congress can at least say, well, we did something about it, but they're doing something amounts to nothing. Story says the legislation will require an average 60% use rate for government buildings and with direct agencies to consolidate their offices to reach that level. Republicans said the bill. would goose the government from his extended pandemic emergency haze. Here's a quote here from, uh, one of the congressmen, Tom Massie, Kentucky. COVID is over. Either come to work or don't come to work, but let's still keep these buildings open if nobody is in them, said Representative Tom Massie, Republican in Kentucky. Many Democrats said they agree with the idea of better use of office space, but they worry that the Republican bill is too stringent And would chase good employees out of the federal workforce by forcing them to give up their telework flexibility. Let me stop there. Good employees. These federal workers who won't come back to work, they want it their way. What you have is the tail wagging the dog. Dragging their feet, coming up with excuses that they're more productive working from home. It's all nonsense. It's all BS. And there's studies. And I cited them in the first time I covered this story. There's studies that show that work productivity is slipping with this work from home crap. You know, if these people want to quit and go into the private sector, good, good. We need to trim the federal workforce anyway. So, there's a quote here, back to the story. If we want our federal workforce to be the best in the world, we need to compete. We need to give them the flexibility to work from home, just like other employers, Do in the private sector. First of all, employers in the private sector have put their foot down and they're forcing their employees back, back into the office. It says Republicans said they weren't objecting to where employees wanted to work. Why do employees get to dictate where they work from? That's the purview of management, not the worker. So it says here, Republicans said they weren't objecting to where employees want to work, but did, didn't want taxpayers picking up the bill for vacant offices. All we're saying is, my goodness, federal agencies. You can come back to work at least 60% since Scott Perry, Republican Pennsylvania, chief sponsor of the bill, the bill did pass split mostly along party lines. Two 17 to 2 13 6. Democrats supported the measure and two Republicans oppose it, but it doesn't name, see, they need to name who they were. I wanna know which two Republicans peeled off. So anyway, I think that's enough of that. But it's an update that, uh, Congress is trying to force the issue, but I don't think they're. They're pushing it far enough. These lazy damn federal workers, and I don't want to hear it. Oh, some of these federal government workers are good. Well, you know what, if they were so good, they'd be in the private sector where they could make more money. But then see, in the private sector, you have to produce. Whereas you're a government worker, you don't really have to produce. All you have to do is enough work to get by. And like I said, we need to trim the federal workforce anyway. We need a Ronald Reagan. President Ronald Reagan, what he did with the air traffic controllers, remember that? They went on strike, and basically that's what this is. If you think about it, they're refusing to come back to the office. They're on, this is a strike. Reagan became president, one of his first actions, he ordered the air traffic controllers back to work. He said, you got 24 hours. Not, not, slowly come back. Not, we want you to work back. You have 24 hours to report to work or you're fired. And many of them called his bluff and he fired him. And of course we heard all the stories. Ah, the airline, ah, planes will be crashing into each other. Ah, you get it. And none of that, you know, that, that fear mongering crap. It didn't happen. So that's what we need right now. The boss, the supervisors, the managers of these federal agencies, whoever's heading these federal agencies, need to issue an order. You are to report back to the office. Okay, you want to be reasonable? I'd give him 30 days. Why 30 days? Reagan gave him 24 hours. Well, you know, I want to be reasonable. Some of them have to arrange for child care, you know, some of them sold their cars, you know, thinking they wouldn't ever be called back, you know, which is a decision they made. So give them 30 days to get their transportation in order, give them 30 days to find their child care, which isn't the responsibility of the federal taxpayer anyway, that's their responsibility to child care, and then that 30 days, you're gone. You know what? We won't miss them. I'm telling you right now, the American people will not miss. Let's say 30 percent don't return to the office and they get fired. We won't miss them. Not one bit. Enough of this nonsense. Next story. I talked extensively about this aid to Ukraine and how Inspector General reports are showing that nobody, including the Congress, can account for the billions of dollars that have been sent to Ukraine to fight the war against Russia. Billions. Tens of billions. And they don't know where it went. They can't account for it. They can't account for the military equipment that they've been given. Nobody can account for it. Well, the IG came back with another report, and it shows that the same stuff is going on. The Defense Department doesn't know where this stuff is. And so, when this was first brought to light by yours truly, talking about the story, you know, we get the same, you know, the same dance. Ah, we take this seriously, um, you know, we're gonna hold people accountable, and we gotta find out about this, and then they find nothing, and that's what I mean in the first story I talked about. It's just saber rattling. It's just announcing, announcing action that you know isn't going to happen, and that you know nobody's gonna follow up on, but it gives Congress an out. Hey, look, we're watching the American taxpayer's dollars. No they're not. So it says here, another Washington Times story. Much of more than 40 billion in security assistance sent to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February of 2022 has come in the form of an unprecedented amount of military firepower, including tanks, artillery systems, and armored personnel carriers. The Defense Department has taken days to complete deliveries that typically take weeks. The GAO said Wednesday in a report to Congress that some of the delivery data may not be accurate. Congress is at a stalemate on another aid package to Kiev. You know my position. No more money. No more aid to Ukraine. It's time to force Zelensky to the negotiation table, sit down with their Russian counterparts, and forge some sort of agreement to end this. And I'm not going to sit up here and say what should happen, but a negotiated settlement to end this war. It's bankrupting us. This is the way the Democrats are fighting wars now. You've heard me say if Biden was committed to Ukraine and serious about Getting Russia out of Ukraine, he'd put boots on the ground. It's easier to just write checks, because then you're, you know, not really in the war. You're not costing American lives, but, you know, you, you, you can say we, we support our ally against Russia, big bad Russia, then put boots on the ground. And I'm not for that, by the way, I want to make that clear. But don't, I don't want to hear about Biden and, and his goofy defense secretary, who I'm going to get to in a minute in another story. They're not committed to this. George Herbert Walker Bush was committed when he put boots on the ground to drive Saddam Hussein in Iraq out of Kuwait. He put boots on the ground. He didn't just write checks. His son George W Bush put boots on the ground in Afghanistan and in Iraq after 9 11 to go after the Taliban and ISIS, at the time, Al Qaeda. Boots on the ground. Committed American lives. Our military. That's showing me Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. George Herbert Walker Bush, president at the time, says, you know, I'm giving Hussein, you know, 48 hours, did his coalition with the UN, got the countries together to agree on a military action, and gave him like 48 hours to get out of Kuwait. And they didn't, arrived on the ground and they drove Hussein out of Kuwait. But see, the Democrats, they don't fight wars like that. I mean, that's what the military is for, to fight and win wars. And yeah, people are gonna die. I'm talking American servicemen, they sign up for it and they're committed to it. They're committed. They're risking their lives and their fortunes to fight for freedom. They're committed. I don't want any soldiers dying in military actions either. Which is why I said I'm not for putting boots on the ground in Ukraine, but I'm also not for writing these damn billion dollar checks. And giving all this military equipment away. Our stockpile of munitions is dangerously low. That's been reported. I don't even know if we could defend ourselves adequately if we were forced into a war right now. All of our stockpiles, all of our military equipment, dangerously low levels. So we're letting Biden get away with this. I'm committed to freedom, and no he's not. Gives him an out. Enough is enough. So, you know, a couple other items here from this story. It says here, current Pentagon guidance on Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows President Biden to transfer weapons and equipment directly from military stocks, doesn't clearly define at what point in the process The donated items should be recorded as being delivered or how military officials are to confirm delivery, the GAO investigator said. You know what that means? Nobody's watching so they can do whatever they want. As a result it says, Department of Defense officials sometimes record defense articles as delivered while they are in transit weeks before they arrive in Ukraine. The Department of Defense has been unable to directly observe some sensitive defense articles. And has allowed Ukraine officials to self report the status of such articles. However, the Pentagon has not formally assessed the effectiveness of its modified approach according to the GAO report. So see what I mean? And this doesn't just go on with this. It goes on all over Washington. All the federal bureaucracies. All the money that's being spent. Nobody's accounting for it. It's just going out the door. The money. There's no accounting. Was this effective? Should it go on? Should we continue funding this agency or this program? No, it's just, you know, well, you know, it's the right thing to do. They'll tell us it's all the wrong thing to do And really the American people are hamstrung. What are we gonna do to stop this? There's not much we can do There's a lot we should do but we're not willing to do that and it isn't getting new people in Congress The environment is poison. We send new people out there and they start drinking their piss The, the water from the Potomac, and then they get infected by the, the disease of Washington, D. C., and they start behaving in, in a likewise manner. So, of course, the GAO made eight recommendations to the Defense Department, including urging the Pentagon to improve the accuracy of its delivery data and evaluate its end use monitoring in Ukraine. The Defense Department agreed with five of the recommendations, and partially agreed with two others. No, they don't get to do that. Basically, this is foot dragging. And they know this too shall pass, and eventually people will look away, and then we can go back to behaving in the same way that we were before this revelation came out. That's how Washington works, or doesn't work. So let's move on here. Uh, let me touch on the Fannie, Fannie, Fannie Willis thing briefly, because I think it's much ado about nothing, just in terms of if we think that something's going to happen to her. Um, Or we thought so. The judge ruled this week she could stay on the case, but she's got to get rid of her lover, Wade. I wasn't shocked by that ruling. I wasn't shocked at all. I know many of you were probably appalled that the judge allowed her to stay on the case. I wasn't. Our judiciary has been co opted and corrupted by the left. If you thought for one second that that judge Was going to remove her from that case, then you aren't paying attention. That judge from Fulton County has to run for election. I think he's up for election next year. He's not going after a black female prosecutor. He's not going to do it. I knew that, you know, he, he made it seem during this process, I mean, the guy was lied to for heaven's sakes by these two, they perjured themselves. It's like everybody else in Washington DC who lies under oath, but they're on the right side. The, actually the left side of the aisle, Democrat, liberal, progressive, nothing happens to them. I could produce a laundry list of people that we know that's proven, not an opinion, that they lied under oath. Christopher Ray said he knew nothing about the memo. You know that, that, that had the FBI trying to infiltrate the Catholic church to find. Uh, you know, domestic terrorists that are, that believed in a traditional mass. And then he said, well, that was just one office memo and, and we told him to knock it off. Finds, to find out later, he did know about it and that it was an agency wide distributed memo. He lied. You look at all the people that lied in the Russia collusion story. These people went into a federal magistrate, a federal judge and procured a. Search warrant to spy on a presidential campaign and lied on the affidavit to get the search warrant. They said the, the steel dossier was legit. This guy had been vetted. No, it hadn't. We later learned they lied. Those high ranking officials. I'm not talking about some agent, somebody at the agent level, high ranking FBI officials went before Congress on their own and lied. And nothing happened. Hillary Clinton destroyed, kept stuff on her secret server, so that they're going after Trump for documents that he had the right to possess. Hillary Clinton had classified information on a private, unsecured server, and nothing happened to her. She destroyed evidence, smashed cell phones, you remember all this. I could go on and on and on with examples of how the people in Washington aren't held accountable and they lie under oath. But the regular American citizen or people on the right, Trump supporters, they're held accountable for stuff they didn't do. Look at the January 6th, those people were denied due process. Judiciary, Judiciary doesn't care about due process. It's been corrupted, ladies and gentlemen. If you thought, and I've said that on this podcast, if you're looking to get bailed out by the Judiciary, you aren't paying attention. You are wasting your time. These judges are corrupt. These prosecutors are corrupt. Fannie Willis should be charged with perjury. She should beat this bar. It's not gonna happen. Stop wasting your time chasing these things. Oh, we got them now. Oh, we, we got them dead to rights now. I, I was hearing that for the last month on this case. Fannie, Fannie Willis. No, there's no way she can continue. There's no way they're Stop it. I knew she was gonna be able to stay on that case. And he tried to give himself the judge some wiggle room by saying, Well, You know, if she stays on then Wade's gotta go. I knew right away Wade was gonna fall on the sword. He had to. He didn't want anything else to do with this crap anyway. His life has been torn apart. All the revelations that came out. He walks away with 600, 000. I think that he charged back to the taxpayer. He'll be alright. He'll pop up somewhere. We'll read more about him somewhere down the line. He'll hook on with some law firm or he'll get Some federal job or he'll surface again. All right. And another story, follow up talked in the last podcast about this decision by the New York governor Kathy Hochul to send National Guard troops to the subway in a crime crackdown. And I told you that I have some serious problems with this in terms of privacy, fourth amendment issues. Again, it's a knee jerk reaction. It's an overreaction. She wouldn't send National Guard. And to New York City during the George Floyd riots. Nobody called for the National Guard then. So now we're going to take this situation, we're going to harass people that use the New York City subway system. Because I find this stuff offensive and obnoxious. These searches. Now they've got to subject themselves to searches of their property. They're not suspected of any criminal activity. There are some other things that can be done that I think will be more effective. Well, even after this and who long long who knows how long that really lasted with the National Guard It might have been just a you know, one week thing to show again, you know show action You mistake activity for accomplishment. I think there were I don't think they're there anymore That was just a show and tell a dog and pony show you saw all the media clips, right? National Guard Posted in the subway system. See, you, you just want it to look good. So you can be given credit for doing something. Oh, they take this seriously. No, they don't. They don't take it seriously. So anyway, a couple days ago, there was a shooting on a subway car. I thought they had discovered. A shooting on a subway car. How'd that gun get down there? I thought the National Guard and the NYPD and the state police were checking people for weapons. That's why I said no, they weren't. There was a couple day thing to, for the, you know, media opportunity. That's all there was. So anyway, a shooting on a subway car. And then afterwards, of course, you're going to get the standard news conference and somebody in the media asked a question about magnetometers. And there was an NYPD official who was hosting the news conference after the shooting. And he said, well, you know, that's, I don't know if I'm ready to go there yet, but it's on the table. It's something we have to consider. And I thought, give me a break. First of all, this is again, one of these. Knee jerk reactions. I'm not suggesting, yours truly is the toughest person, guy on crime in the United States of America. Me, I thought the National Guard should have been called out in the city of Chicago during their violent phase. and other cities. So I'm not against calling in the National Guard, but this isn't, they haven't thought this through. The first thing you do in a crisis, it's called crisis management. First, don't make it worse. First, do no harm. So people get involved in these knee jerk reactions, just throwing stuff out without having thought it through. You sit down, you gather some people, And you put a bunch of stuff on the table for consideration, debate, and discussion. In other words, what are the pros of doing this, choosing this approach? What are the cons? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Is it affordable? Or are there some other more cost efficient ways to deal with crime on the subway system? This thing has been neglected. Rudy Giuliani, and Commissioner Bill Bratton, and Commissioner Bernie Carrick, and even the guy who came after Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, who's an anti gun guy. They had this subway cleaned up and under control. Bill Bratton did that. Giuliani gave him the resources he needed. And said, go to it and keep me advised. And they cleaned up the subway system, making it safe, a safe experience again for the millions of people who use the subway system. Then Bill de Blasio comes along and the political neglect set in. Him and the commissioners that he picked fell asleep at the switch. And guess what, all the crime, violence, and disorder returned to the subway system. This has been going on for quite some time, and then all of a sudden, you know, a couple weeks ago, they had a string of incidents, and then, oh, the governor and the mayor, this useless mayor, Eric Adams, oh, we gotta do something. You know what else we haven't heard from de Blasio? Nobody's chasing down de Blasio and asking him, hey, how did this, how did you let this thing get away from you? It was all cleaned up. Typical Democrat stuff. They come and they make a mess of something that's, we're doing it at the border. Trump had it under control. Biden comes in, Mayorkas, and screwed it up. And then of course, well, we got to do something about this. We, you know, we got to, you know, then they come up with their, their suggestions, which all involve money and power grab. I think the TSA, the creation of the TSA was a knee jerk reaction. And it was questionable public policy, punishing the American travel, traveler who's not suspected of terrorism or crime. To these draconian measures of getting, you know, patted down to get on a damn airplane. When that agency was first created, I think their first budget was like 5. 9 billion dollars, something like that. You know what it is now? It's approaching 40 billion dollars a year to run the TSA. You've added all these federal employees to the workforce. All these costs, when instead of sitting down and coming up with something less intrusive for the American people who weren't suspected of terror, maybe using some profiling, maybe taking some lessons from the Israelis on their airport security. Instead of doing that, what do we do? We created this new agency. Oh my gosh, and this thing has just grown ever since. So anyway, back to the NYPD and the subway system magnetometers. I put out a social media post on X, and I just, I asked some questions. That's all. I said, did anybody think this through? Magnetometers on the subway system? First of all, you would have to have them. At every entrance point. That's a lot. You can't just do some of them because the bad guys will find the ones that aren't monitored with no magnetometers and then that's how they'll get in the subway system. Also, if you were to put a magnetometer at every entrance point, it has to be posted with an NYPD subway cop 24 7. 24 7. Can you imagine the cost? Every subway entrance. Posted with a magnetometer and a cop. You can't have it unmanned. I mean, what sense would that make to have a magnetometer and people just walking through and ding, ding, ding, bang. And nobody's there. And how inconvenient is this gonna be for the rider? Every time they take that long escalator down, there'll be a magnetometer and a table. Take everything out of your po Just like the TSA at airport. Take everything out of your pockets. Empty your pockets. Searching their backpacks. Having the magnetometer go off and it's really the guy's keys. He forgot to take his keys out of his pocket. You This would be a disaster. And again, how much is this going to cost? Can you imagine the millions, if not approaching billions of dollars to do it in this fashion? It's a knee jerk reaction. The thought, it's okay to think about it, but then you, you, you go through in crisis, man, okay, what's this going to cost? What's this going to involve? And then when you find out, you go, Oh my God, where are we going to get that money? Well, we'll apply for federal grants. Oh, geez. Here we go. Yeah. I'll get the federal government. to give us money. And then the thing will just grow. And the subway won't be any safer. There are some practical things they can do. But of course, you know, during this kind of fear based policy making, because that's what it is, knee jerk, you don't get the sensible and reasonable stuff. You get the outrageous. But I just, you know, you look and the thing, it just keeps getting worse in terms of, they're not, they're not doing anything that will basically return it to the days of Giuliani and Bill Bratton. And Bernie Kerrick, that's not the direction they're going in. Magnetometers. It's just, it's not sustainable. It's not doable. Creating lines at the end of the escalator, waiting to go through the magnetometer, because you got to do this one person at a time. So a line will build. The line might extend up the escalator. What are you going to do? The escalator keeps moving. I mean, just, how come I can think of this stuff? And I didn't even have to sit down and study, it was the first thing I thought, I said, when I heard magnetometer mentioned at the news conference, I said, oh boy, oh crap. And then I just, like I said on the social media post, I threw out the questions. Did anybody do the math on this? How many people are you going to need? And where are the cops going to come from, by the way? The NYPD is short staffed. They have like 500 vacancies. Where are they going to get the people to man these posts? They don't have them. So you know what will happen? You'll have magnetometers with nobody posting them. Why? Because, well, we don't have the staffing. So you've created a new problem. I think a visible presence. They have a subway system unit. Where are these guys? And women. Where are they? Are they riding the cars? How about a plainclothes operation? Down there. Observing. Riding the cars. To be able to intervene quickly when some of this stuff goes on. And not just the shooting stuff, but the harassment. Remember with Daniel Penny, I think that's his name, he had to take care of business? That should have been a plainclothes undercover officer coming to intervene on behalf of the passengers. No, Penny had to do it. Now he's under indictment for a felony, I think manslaughter. Are you kidding me? This is what happens when Democrats are in charge of public safety. It doesn't work. They don't have the intellectual capacity to create public spaces. They're on the side of the criminal. They've been fighting for criminals ever since these woke prosecutors, Alvin Bragg, have come into office. That's whose side they're on. They're not on the side of the law abiding citizens of New York. So anyway, part of this costs too. It's gonna have to be paid for by increased fares. So now we're going to bother the taxpayer, and not the taxpayer, the fare riders. Don't forget, New York subway system is used by millions of people out of necessity. So now you got higher fares. How's that going to impact on somebody's commute to get to work now just went up? Because of something like this, this proposal of magnetometers. You know, they'll try for some federal grants, but you know, they'll have to offset with some, with some fare increases. You see how they're taking a situation, remember what I said, crisis management. Don't make it worse. And like the Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm. But you gotta think first, and you can't take all day, you can't take forever to think on this. You gotta move, you know, with all deliberate speed. In other words, you gotta round the clock, sit down with people, gather all your data and information. You can't do this for a couple hours a day and then go, Okay, we'll see you next week, we'll reconvene. No, you gotta do this around the clock. That would show me anyway. These people are serious. They're gonna have something to propose. To the public, and you gotta find out who's the public gonna go for this? Searching their damn bodies and, and, and bags indiscriminately for no governmental interest reason? You know, there has to be, courts have ruled there has to be an overriding governmental interest to be able to do some of this stuff without a warrant. They can't just say, well, we got incidents of crime. Okay. Go after the criminals! Well, how do we know who they are? Well, then you aren't worth a damn. If you can't tell some homeless goof, some mentally disturbed person hanging around or something, you can't find them, see them, then you aren't worth a damn as a cop. You're just not. So again, you know, you just, you, you, you see this stuff and you, I predicted this. I said, they're just making it worse. This isn't, you know, the National Guard, and oh, yeah, it sounds good. I mean, oh, that shows they're serious. No, they're not. I don't even think the National Guard is down there anymore. That was just a one week thing to demonstrate how serious you are. No, they're not. They put them down there permanently. Like I said, I'm not against the use of the National Guard, but, um, You'll have to find what they're going to do, how long they're going to stay, as long as necessary. I'm okay with that. But as long as necessary isn't a week for a media op, a photo op for the media. That's nonsense. All right. The last thing I want to talk about here in this episode is, excuse me, back to the Israeli Hamas war. This thing is just going from bad to worse for America. On behalf of our useless politicians, on behalf of our useless commander in chief, Joe Biden, who's supposed to be an ally to Israel. Israel was attacked on October 7th by some mean, vicious, subhuman creatures, raped, tortured, beheaded, shot, gang raped, young women killing 1400 people in the largest Israeli attack or attack on Israeli citizens in 75 years. Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear he's going to, once and for all, rid the Gaza Strip of Hamas. Hamas is a designated terror organization, designated by the UN and by the United States, at least by the United States and Israel. Designated by the United States as a terror organization, and yet they're putting all of the pressure, Biden, Blinken, uh, Austin, Defense Secretary, putting all the pressure on Israel for a ceasefire. A ceasefire? I've talked extensively about this in the last couple of episodes. No, uh uh, they should be calling for an unconditional surrender by Hamas that would end this war tonight. That's how to end this war, not with a ceasefire. As Israel has said, they will just regroup, we gotta, it's like a dentist going in on a decayed tooth, instead of drilling all of it out to fill it, he leaves a little bit in there. Why would you do that? Netanyahu has defined clearly what the mission is. And when the mission's complete, he'll stop. He shouldn't stop before then. So the U. S. is upping the ante. Why? Political reasons. It's not about the starving, you know, uh, Gazans and Palestinians and the women and children. That's not for any of that. It's really about the fact that they're being hurt politically from the Muslim fold here in the United States. Specifically in Michigan. Potential swing state with a large Muslim community, population war. putting pressure on the democrat party to force a ceasefire or they'll withhold their support in november that could be a death blow to the democrats chances of winning the white house so you know they've been kind of trying to walk a tightrope well we support israel's right to exist we support israel's right to defend itself but but whenever that happens It's trouble. Whenever someone says something and it says, but that means they don't really believe what they just said, or you shouldn't believe what they just said. So now they're hinting around, you know, they're trying to do this delicately. Oh, Netanyahu's going too far. Well, he's crossing a line and you know, Biden drew a red line that if you went into Rafa and that's the last part of this campaign, Rafa got to be done. They're on the verge of victory. and an end to the war. Okay, there'll be some stuff afterwards, you know, how long they're going to stay in a new government and all that stuff. Excuse me, that's okay. We'll worry about that later. You want the war to stop? Hamas needs to surrender. So, they're, like I said, they're upping the ante. Chuck Schumer, majority leader of the Senate, came out last week, stood in the well of the Senate and issued some garbage about, regime change. Regime change in Israel. Not regime change in Hamas. The Gods a strip regime change in Israel, talking about how Netanyahu's gone too far. He is lost his weight. No he hasn't. This is how all Wars should be conducted. Going there with a mission was a predicted timetable. Benya, not Netanyahu's already said. We're talking months, not years, and this thing will be over. The mission will be months, not years. That's a timetable. How long are we gonna be in Ukraine? Ain't no timetable. There's no real new, no. No real mission. Regime change, ladies and gentlemen, a U. S. Senator calling for regime change in another country against an ally. George W. Bush called for regime change in Iraq. That's the purview of the President, not a Senator, to call for regime change. But the reason they did march Chuck Schumer out there to do it, because he's Jewish, and he can't then be. accused of being an anti Semite in support of Hamas because he's Jewish. The Democrats do that whenever they need something to Galvanize their black support, you know voter suppression and voting rights. They march out a black guy So he can't be accused of being racist. So that was staged at Chuck Schumer No US senators should be engaged in that sort of proclamation Calling for regime change should be left for the president not even the president The Secretary of State or the Defense Secretary should be calling for regime change. Only the President. It's a very dangerous game. Why hasn't Biden and Schumer called for regime change in Russia? You know why they haven't. That would not be a smart move. It's a dangerous game to play. Next thing you know, you're going to have some other world leader, Xi Jinping or whatever his name is, calling for regime change in the United States. So they continue, the Democrats, to, to arm twist, they continue to harass Benjamin Netanyahu when he's trying to conduct a war. They're trying to kibitz politically. Well, we support Israel's right to defend itself, but they don't support Israel's right to defend themselves. This is sickening. They're supporting a terrorist organization. That's who they're stumping for, Hamas, a designated terror organization. Here's a story I came across. This is to show the lengths that these damn Democrats will go to to harass Israel. A story came out that uh, Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, and he's been a disaster by the way. A complete disaster. That was a identity politics decision to name him Defense Secretary. This guy is in support of all these woke things about the military. Transgenders in the military, okay by Austin. Taxpayers, Paying for travel for service members to go get an abortion? Okay with Austin. Transgenders in the military? And their surgery paid for by U. S. taxpayers? Okay by Austin. He's been a complete disaster. So anyway, he puts out a statement last week. I'll just read from the story here. Austin's death toll for Gaza under fire. That's Lloyd Austin. A non partisan watchdog group sent a letter to top Pentagon officials This week, requesting all information that led to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's public claim that more than 25, 000 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7th. A figure based on data supplied by the Hamas militant crew. Lloyd Austin got this information from the Hamas militant crew. First of all, anything Hamas puts out is propaganda and should not be believed. Cause it can't be verified. And they shouldn't be listening to a terror organization anyway. So it says in the letter, Center for Advanced Security in America, Director James Fitzpatrick, questioned whether publicly reciting those numbers Which the Pentagon, get this folks, later acknowledged came from Hamas, data and couldn't be independently confirmed by U. S. analysts, may have aided the group the U. S. and Israel considers a terrorist organization in pushing its public narrative that Israel is indiscriminately killing squads of innocent civilians in Gaza. Are you serious? The Defense Secretary, the Pentagon, the White House. Because he wouldn't have done this without checking with the White House, using propaganda supplied by a terrorist organization, Hamas, and spewing that as Please, gentlemen, that's disinformation. That's the precise example of disinformation. It's supplied by Hamas and Hamas can't verify this. Excuse me, and why they would put this out. The defense depart without being to verify it. It's beyond me, but this is where we're at in this war. Israel should never trust the United States again. Not this administration anyway. Trump it'll be different. With Trump it was different. Trump had a full throated support for Israel to exist. If you recall, excuse me, he's the one that supported Israel moving their capital to Jerusalem. Trump did that. He had their back. There was no question. But if I were Benjamin Netanyahu and I'm not, If I were the Israeli government, I would never trust this, this administration, Biden and his yoke. I would never trust them again. They do not have Israel's back. They do not support Israel's right to exist. And folks are still pushing this two state solution. It's never going to happen. Why? Hamas has made it clear from the river to the sea, Hamas, one of their goals is to totally destroy the state of Israel, kick all the Jews out. How are you ever going to have a two state solution when you have this terror group that's basically running Gaza and the West Bank? Not the Palestinian Authority. They're not in charge here. Hamas is operating shadow government. And then the polling that's been done where Palestinians have been polled and they support what happened on October 7th. Don't try to tell me you can separate or that people should be able to separate the Palestinians plight from Hamas. They're one in the same. One in the same. I think this is a pathetic day in the history of Israeli American relations. I think it's disgusting. I think it's obnoxious. I like their word and it's not going to get better until we get rid of Biden and his yoke, his administration, but I just, I pray, ladies and gentlemen, I was going to say, I hope, but I pray that Netanyahu, finds a steely resolve to block out all the noise around him from these goofballs who are anti Semites and support what happened in Israel on October 7th. I hope he has a steely resolve to block out the noise, go into Rapha, finish the job, and to hell with everybody else. Thanks for joining me.

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