Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke

Political Parallels: Biden, the GOP, Trump, Derek Chauvin and Justice in America | Ep 54

February 20, 2024 Josh Wentz Season 2 Episode 54
Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke
Political Parallels: Biden, the GOP, Trump, Derek Chauvin and Justice in America | Ep 54
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In this compelling episode of Straight Talk, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke dissects a series of pressing issues, from the demise of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny to the parallels drawn between political opposition in Russia and the United States. Clarke provides a critical analysis of the Biden administration's actions against Donald Trump, the January 6th detainees, and the broader implications for political dissent in America. Shifting focus, Clarke critiques the Republican Party's effectiveness and unity, the expulsion of George Santos, and the implications of such actions for party strategy and voter engagement. The episode also digs into the case of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd, challenging mainstream narratives and calling for a reevaluation of justice and due process. Join us for an unfiltered exploration of justice, opposition, and the dynamics within the Republican Party.

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Political Parallels: Biden, the GOP, Trump, and American Justice | Ep 54


 Hello and welcome to another broadcast of the Straight Talk podcast with your host, former Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clark. Thanks for joining me I'm going to talk about a couple things today. I wanna start here, just some quick comments on the, [00:01:00] the death of this, uh, Russian, dissident, or Putin. Opposition person who was sitting in prison and he died last week, and of course, you know, all the stuff being thrown around about it, the, the suspicious nature of it, so on and so forth, that's going to happen.

That's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is how Biden took to the microphone. He started lecturing us about the evil nature of, of Putin and that Putin jails, his opposition, any orders that his opposition be killed. I wanna read something from his story here, from his family. The guy's name is Alexei Navalny, and it says here.

His team confirmed the Russian opposition figure's death. Saturday, a day after Russian, federal Penitentiary service announced he [00:02:00] had fallen unconscious and died. Quote from his mother, Alexei Navalny was murdered. His death occurred on February 16th at two 17. P.M. local time. According to the official message to Alexei's mother.

Here's another quote. An employee of the colony said that the body of Navalny is now in sale card. It was picked up by investigators from the IC. They are conducting investigations. They said his mother said, we demand Alexei Navalny's body be handed over to his family immediately. It says Navalny's family awaited independent confirmation on the news of his death.

Following the announcement by Russian authorities yesterday with Navalny's wife saying quote from his wife, we cannot believe Putin and his government, they are lying [00:03:00] constantly. She said during a speech at the Munich Security Conference. But if it is the truth, she said, I would like Putin and all his staff and everybody around him, his government, his friends.

I want them to know that they will be punished for what they have done with our country, with our family and my husband. They will be brought to justice and this day will come soon. Well, I don't know about that, but here's, here's why I want to comment on that. I don't need to be lectured. I don't need to be lectured too by.

Joe Biden about how Putin's an evil man and how Putin jails his political opposition, when in fact that is exactly what he, the Democrats and his administration are doing to one Donald J. Trump. That's his political opposition, and they are, they're not even hiding it anymore. I don't know. What did they see?

He's got like ninety-one criminal charges in, you know, 4, 5, 6 different [00:04:00] states. During a presidential election, the only thing they haven't done is physically jailed him, and they're trying to do that before November because they're afraid he might win and return to the White House. They're trying to jail their opposition.

We already have people as opposition that are in jail, the January 6th people. Jailed for being MAGA Republicans. Biden's always attacking, not just Trump, but we MAGA Republicans putting any of us in jail that they can for who knows what they'll come up with. And so the exact thing that that Biden accuses Putin of Biden is engaging in.

If they can't, don't forget, you know, [00:05:00] Trump's an elderly man, now he's in his seventies. If they put him in jail for, let's say they give him a 10 year sentence, he's gonna die in prison. That's exactly what happened here with this Alexi. Navalny Putin had him jailed and he died in prison. That's really all I wanna say about that.

Now I wanna move into this area here. It's about the Republican Party and Yeah, I'm, I know, I'm, I'm, I'm hard on them, but I should be and you should be too. They're not meeting our needs. And they aren't getting anything done with control of the house. And, and, and you know, you might be saying, well, you know, they only control the house.

They don't control the Senate and they don't control the White House. Well, there were times that they did recently Trump's first term, and they did [00:06:00] very little with it. Trump's biggest opposition wasn't the Democrats, even though they control the, the, uh, they didn't control anything. We had a John Boehner-slash-Paul Ryan-led house, and a Mitch McConnell-led Senate.

His biggest opposition was the damn GOP who stood in his way running interference for the never-Trumpers. So I sit up here and I watch some of the stuff that's going on. One of the things that I've talked and written about a lot. It's about the tendency of the GOP. And when I say the GOP, I want to be clear here.

I'm not talking about the members, I'm talking about the elected officials. I'm not talking about the people who, you know, pay their twenty-five bucks or whatever, and they, they, they sign up to be part of the Republican party. That's not who I'm talking about. When I say the GOP, [00:07:00] I'm talking about the elected people.

They are useless. The whole lot of them. And don't sit up there trying to talk into the, you know, the, the listening device, whatever you're listening to on this thing and say, wow, you know, uh, this guy's a good guy and that guy's a good, no, that's like going through. A bushel of rotten apples trying to find one or two that's salvageable that you'll take a bite into.

I'm not touching it. I'm not gonna sift through a bushel of rotten apples trying to find one that doesn't have a worm in it or is not spoiling the whole lot because it's a collective unit. Anyway, the GOP in the house and the GOP in the Senate.

So I sit up here and one of the, one of their tendencies is to engage in political cannibalism. They love doing it. Most recently, it was with [00:08:00] the expulsion from the House of Representatives of George Santos. I am not here, ladies and gentlemen, to defend George Santos. That's for his constituents. Oh, it was.

Until the,the self-righteous GOP members got involved They're the ones that pushed the move to, to expel him. And they shouldn't have, they don't, first of all, they don't have the numbers. They have a slim majority in the house. They can't afford to lose one member. They need 'em all. There is no way. If George Santos had done the same thing and he was a Democrat, there is no way Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats would've moved to expel him from the house.

They would've their attitude. We need everybody. They would've been the ones saying let his constituents deal with that. And then even after Santo said, I won't, you know, after pressure [00:09:00] being pressured, he said, I won't seek reelection. Okay, fine. Then just, you know, ride it out. Let him ride it out, get through November and keep the damn GOP vote.

But oh no, the self-righteousness, the high-mindedness of the GOP. Oh, we can't have him. Oh, he's a disgrace to our party. They're a disgrace to the party.

So they expelled George Santos. He represents some congressional district in, um, for the most part, Nassau County, which is, you know, somewhat red. It's not, it's New York, so you're not gonna get a dyed in the wool. Red district in New York.

But anyway, and, and, and when Santos won, he, he won a seat that was held by the Democrats originally.

So they expelled him and they had to hold a special election. And guess what? The Dems won the house, the, the seat back, the house seat back. [00:10:00] They pulled the guy out of retirement. Basically, who was a former congressman from that area who decided not to run a couple terms ago, and the Democrats pull him out to run against a woman who I met when I was in Nassau County recently.

Fine woman, but I, I don't play that crap. This isn't to disparage her. Just a great story. Born in Ethiopia, fled to Israel, fought in the Israeli. Military and she was a current, I don't think, county supervisor, so she held some office at the county level. So they put her up to run and she got trounced. It was a ten-point margin, 55.

45. So they lost the seed. They got rid of Santos.

But they [00:11:00] cut off their nose to spite their face. It was stupid. I said it at the time. I probably said it on a past podcast. Leave Santos alone. Let 'em get through November. We'll have 'em till January. At least he's a Republican, but well now they don't have it. So I hope these holier-than-thou self-righteous virtue-signaling.

Members of the GOP in the house, I hope they feel good about themselves. They lost a seat, they lost a vote. And what's ironic about that is the closeness by one vote, they were able to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas by one vote. They lost it the first time. By a couple votes, but it's because three GOP members, see what I'm talking about?

This, this, it's like trying to herd cats. They lost the [00:12:00] first round trying to impeach him because three Republicans including Wisconsin's, Mike Gallagher, some guy named Buck from Colorado and I don't even remember who the third one is, broke ranks and voted not to impeach Myorkas well they were finally able to get it done last week.

I think symbolically it's important he's not going to be convicted in the Senate, but that's beside the point. That's not the House's job. The job of the house is to impeach in this process. It's the job of the Senate to convict. Don't worry about what the Senate's gonna do. Do your job. It's what I always say, do your job, but here's why I think it was important symbolically.

You gotta let the Democrats know. By the way, Majorca has been the first cabinet member impeached since, I don't know, like the 18 hundreds, 1876. I think I, I can't remember exactly the 18 hundreds. And that guy resigned [00:13:00] what was impeached anyway after he left. So it's symbolic, but it's important. You have to tell the Democrats no more Mr.

nice guy. We're gonna play. By the same rules that you do, we're gonna do unto you as you do unto us. That's why I think it's important, even though symbolically throw a punch, damn it, smack 'em in the face metaphorically. And then tell 'em how does it feel? Did you like that? And guess what? There's more coming.

You started this nonsense, but we're gonna finish it, but Oh no. The self-righteousness, the virtue signaling. Oh, George Santos. Oh, he, he's the worst of the worst. Like I said, Nancy Pelosi never would've allowed that to happen to Santos if he was a Democrat with [00:14:00] a small margin. Do you want an example of that?

Look on the other side, the ho the the Senate, US Senate Senator Bob Menendez

indicted previously twice now though indicted for bribery. You know, he came within one juror of being convicted. There was one holdout, so there would've been like 11 voted in in favor of. Conviction on Menendez. In his first trial, one holdout, so it was a hung jury, one holdout. So now he's been charged again with additional crimes, not the first time additional crimes, and he sits under indictment now there has been no move by Chuck Schumer or the Democrats. To get rid of Bob Menendez. Why? They only hold a fifty-one to [00:15:00] forty-nine Edge. They can't afford it. So on his second indictment, a couple of 'em came out and well, yeah, you know, shame on Bob Menendez. And then they give this excuse, well, he hasn't been convicted either.

Was George Santos. That's what the Republicans should have been saying when the Democrats were slamming, uh, slamming Santos. Hey, he hasn't been convicted of anything. Let's wait. That would've been their out. Well, yeah. We don't support what he's been accused of doing. We don't like it, but he hasn't been convicted of anything.

What are we expect expelling a member who hasn't been convicted? So Bob Menendez under his second indictment, and he is a scumbag, but he is their scumbag. That's the attitude of the Democrats and Chuck Schumer over this. He's our scumbag and we need his vote .

 [00:16:00] So I come across some things here I've talked about before, but it, it's, you know, we need a reminder sometimes this column here, I'm sure I read it from previously. I, I've read this. Because I went through some of my old material here and I found this, I keep some of it knowing, hey, this is an evergreen.

They call it it. This will not get old or go away or be dated. And it says here, I. Watching the Republican parties these days, it's like watching a dog attacking its own tail far from a weld oil machine. The GOP has devolved into a dysfunctional mess punctuated by moments of fecklessness that pushed voters further away.

The most recent example came as a segment of Republicans joined with Democrats to effectively scuttle an attempt to impeach. DHS [00:17:00] Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. What seemed like an open and shut case over the last few months was punted back to committee because when push came to shove, the GOP can't bring itself to take a tough vote and move forward with a unified front.

You know, those three GOPers that peeled off Democrats do that routinely in order to move the ball forward. Meaning they move as a unified front. It's always with the Democrats politically. This is political strategy, ladies and gentlemen. One team, one goal. Democrats have their differences. They keep it in-house.

They don't let it get out in public, and in the end, they realize the goal is bigger than any one individual's agenda or dislike or whatever the goal.

So it says here, members of the GOP are scattered looking after themselves, rarely seeing the forest through the [00:18:00] trees. They won't impeach Mayorkas while they finally did because it might cost a seat in some blue state. But by not impeaching him, they suppress their own voters leaving to ask what the point of voting Republican even is anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a problem. The GOP, and now I'm talking about like the RNC and the Senatorial committee and the House Republican Committee. They're gonna screw this up. How do I know that? Because they screwed up the midtems . That should have been a wipeout. The red wave it should have been a wipeout and it never materialized.

You know why? Because of what I just read to you from this article in Red State. They screw everything up so it looks [00:19:00] like a sure, and, and you know, you, you know what I'm talking about. Oh, look at the economy. Oh, look at, um, inflation. Look at, you know, the crime. Look at, well, the woman, who ran as a Republican to replace George Santos, she ran on those issues. The border she ran, she mentioned it. My opponent supports open borders. He supports blah, blah, blah, blah. Inflation. This didn't work. Why didn't it work?

Messaging's off. You gotta, you have to have the message. She had the message. But you have to be able to have that carryover and transfer over to the voters over the votes. We all know it. The economy. Biden has screwed everything up. Biden has, and the Democrats, they've screwed everything up. [00:20:00] But for some odd reason, they're not able to take that message and have a transfer over to votes at election time.

That's why I said they're gonna screw this thing up in November. Biden's not worried about it. The Democrats are not worried about inflation gas prices. The wars and the United States is involved in indirectly. Democrats aren't worried about that

because when push comes to shove, they're gonna be lockstep. They're voters, they're in tune with their voters, and they know how to get the vote out. Our side does not the RNC, they suck at getting out the vote and they suck at raising money. So that's why I think they're gonna screw this up. I still think Biden can win.

I also think Trump can win, but you know what that is? That's fifty-fifty. It shouldn't be anywhere [00:21:00] close to that with what's going on in the country and what's going on in the world. I. So I received this list from a gentleman I know, and he, he makes the case, he lays it out here. The problems in America are legion and massive, including, so here's, here's the problem.

Here's how to frame the message. He frames it here, which means, you know, just put around these things here and then you can reorder it and you can organize it, whatever pull, you don't have to have all of it in here, but. Here's what the GOP is not doing. They're still fooling around with Hunter Biden. Let me write a memo to the RNC .

 Let me write a memo to the GOP in the house and the Senate.

 Basically, the voters, the independent voters, and the Democrats, they don't give a damn about Hunter Biden. I just think [00:22:00] I'd let you in on that little secret. They do not, they're not moved by that. And you know what else? This other little secret I'll pass on to the GOP in the, in the Congress . , Hunter Biden's not going to be on the ballot.

He's not. He's another scumbag. We know that he's not gonna be on the ballot, so they're still fooling around with that. Instead of, and I'm gonna go through this list here. The problems in America are legion and massive, including open, southern and northern borders, over 100,000 annual drug deaths, fentanyl, et cetera, by pills from China coming across an open border internationally Wanted criminals.

Drug cartel members, terrorists by the thousands are walking into America through Biden's Open Borders. A major movement to defund and demonize law enforcement, out of control spending, leading to [00:23:00] massive debt, debt inflation, war on fossil fuels. War on God, religion, Jews Evangelicals, Catholics Li, religious liberty, using federal government agencies including the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, and the military to spy on and jail and bankrupt Conservatives slash Republicans.

The, I think I opened the podcast, we're talking about this guy in Russia. where Biden's lecturing us about how Putin's a bad guy. 'cause he, jails. Dissidents, they're doing the same damn thing to us.

Boys and girls. Boys and men and girls. Women's bathrooms, shower rooms on school trips. Boys slash men participating in dominating in girl sports. Sexually graphic and explicit books are being used in K one, two, and three. The grades. Prosecutors refusing to prosecute jail and [00:24:00] punish theft. Babies can be killed up to minutes before death.

That's how this, and this is one guy's list, one guy's opinion. Actually, he says at the end, you and I could both add many more to the list, but at least he framed it. These are the issues that I think will move independence. And maybe even energize Republicans if we stay focused on this and, and nothing's going to happen to Hunter Biden.

I know he is, got these charges of all the crap that he did. The most important thing was, was Joe involved in this stuff and we know he was, he wasn't indicted for that. He's charged with some gun violations and not paying his taxes. They're not moving a needle on Joe Biden. Because. If something is sundered, and I'm not suggesting they shouldn't go after him, they should, but we shouldn't focus on [00:25:00] that.

It's a distraction. The House and the Senate GOP should be focusing on and repeating this list that I just said, Hey, America's in trouble. I mean, we already know from the polling that, you know, what is it like 70% of those polled think America's on the wrong track? You know why? 'cause of this list I just read, the American people know it.

So I mean, you look at this thing in New York, I mean, you know, and, and it's, and it's an option. It's a byproduct of the open borders. Joe Biden's open border policy . These scoundrels that attacked a couple of NYPD officers in Times Square, arrested, and quickly released on their no bail policy revolving door.

Then only because of shame and public [00:26:00] pressure did Alvin Bragg bring indictments against these clowns. I don't even know if we know who they are. They might have some now, and by the way, only two are in custody since the indictment, and there was like seven of 'em involved. They're in the wind. We don't know if we'll ever see them again, but just because they're indicted, you know, that's just to get rid of the story.

See? See all the Democrats work. Hey, we need this to go away because we're getting killed. We're getting hammered on the crime issue. And look at this, any open border issue. Two for one,

and he got rid of it. He brought for some indictments and you know, it kind of you know kind of simmered down. That's beside the point. You know what else was wrong here? The fact that they're a sanctuary city. You know what else is wrong here with this NYPD and this New York situation besides the open borders? [00:27:00] In Sanctuary City, the fact that they have a law that prohibits local law enforcement from working with ICE.

On the immigration issue, there's this program called the two eighty-seven G, in which ICE will train local law enforcement officers and then after training them on, on federal, uh, immigration law being training. Deputize them as Deputy Ice agents, which gives them the authority to enforce immigration law, a federal program.

There are some states, and there are some states, as I speak, Minnesota's one of them, and there legislature, they're trying to enact a bill. Pass a law that prohibits local law enforcement officers in the state of Minnesota from working with ice, prohibits them from doing it . [00:28:00] When I was the sheriff, I worked with the local ICE office.

I gave them a computer and all the booking names. Every day, ICE went through it and they'd pick out ones. If they found, Hey, hold on to this guy here. We're looking further into this. I gave him the information I was getting hammered politically in this Uber lefty county. I didn't care. It didn't cost me an election,

and law enforcement is supposed to work together the problem's too big for just federal agents to, to work on this thing . Use the local. Use the local law enforcement who has more and direct contact with the citizenry and the non-citizenry, the people on the streets than ice agents do.

So that's a problem. Bragg didn't fix that. Bragg should be going to the state legislature, so you gotta repeal that law.[00:29:00] You gotta repeat all these bad policies because they're hurting our residents. But that didn't happen, so it wasn't, you know, okay, you got some indictments and, and then everybody just kind of like, well, good.

Now they'll be brought to justice. No, they won't.

This is deeper than that, than the fact that the no bail policy allow these guys to quickly be released.

It's the fact that they should have turned them over to ICE after they were arrested and, and their, their local charges were processed. Instead of releasing them into the wind, they should have called ice Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and said, Hey, we got some guys here we think you'd be interested in.

If you want to put a hold on 'em, send it over to us and then we'll hold these guys pending your investigation. That's how that program works. That's what we were doing in the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office. So that [00:30:00] still exists. What's you know, but Bragg made the brush fire go away. See how slick the damn Democrats are.

So how many times haven't you heard me say in this podcast our messaging's off our meaning conservatives? GOP, two separate entities. I'm not a Republican. I'm a conservative who happens to vote for Republicans. I don't belong to a political party. I don't believe in it. Never have, never will I allows me to hold the GOP side accountable.

When I talk about, you know, one team, one goal, well, that's for the Republicans and not for conservatives. It is not for independents. And, and by the, by the way, most people that vote Democrat do not belong. They're not members of the Democrat party. [00:31:00] Most people who vote Republican are not members of the Republican party.

They just vote that way. I dunno, they figured it out. Like 20% of the people who vote Republican belong to the Republican party and then even locally. And the same with Democrats. Most people in the middle do not belong to those parties. That's where I'm at. That's exactly where I'm at. I don't belong to the Republican party.

I have my issues with the Republican party. I'm a conservative rock solid conservative. I'm a limited government. constitutionalist I was a constitutional sheriff.

 I believe in military superiority and safe streets. Here at home. I believe that the Constitution protects individuals, not groups, meaning you don't derive your constitutional rights from membership in a group, those or individual rights. [00:32:00] Less spending. I said, limited government, conservative. I am more rights for the states, and I believe in the rule of law.

That's what it means for me to be a conservative. It's not the sole purview of the Republican party, in fact, the way they're behaving, and I talked a little bit about it today, and I talk about it a lot on this podcast. Many of these members of Congress, they, they don't even subscribe to what I just said.

They, at least they don't behave like it. They could say they do. Oh, I'm a conservative. Really? How can you vote to approve these massive spending bills with, with no way to pay for 'em adding onto the national debt, and you call yourself a limited. Government less spending conservative. Really get outta here with that crap .

 So the last thing I wanna talk about here, I have a side issue, but I think it's important . .

 [00:33:00] . Social media slams the hell out of Tucker Carlson after claiming Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd, former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has lost his mind. This article says this is from The controversial commentator sparked outrage on social media after expressing support for ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Carlson's controversial remarks during his talk show on X have ignited widespread criticism. During the segment, Carlson reiterated his belief that Chauvin did not murder George Floyd, claiming that the former officer's actions were not the cause of Floyd's death. He suggested that Floyd likely died of a drug overdose, citing reports claiming the presence of fatal levels of fentanyl in his system.

This is a quote One of the great moral atrocities in the last several years was taking place right [00:34:00] before us, and very few are remarking upon it. This is according to Carlson. It has to do with Derek. Chauvin. He said the problem is that he did not murder George Floyd, and we know that conclusively because the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Floyd confirmed he was not asphyxiated.

So it says, rightfully Carlson's remarks were met with immediate backlash on social media platforms. Alright, let me break in right here. Carlson is correct. Carlson has the courage. He's the only one with the courage at this point. Knowing what we know now, not in the early days, but what we know now. These four officers, I think there's four of them who are sitting in prison over this, were wrongfully convicted.

They were that's not an opinion, they were denied due process . . The state withheld [00:35:00] evidence from the trial that it's called exculpatory that may have assisted in their acquittal there by law. Remember I said, I believe in the rule of law by law, they're supposed to turn over all that evidence to the defense, and they didn't.

That means they were denied due process, which means to me they're wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned. That's just one aspect, and if you really wanna know what happened, there's a documentary out there. It got very little play. The, the leftist media did their damndest to suppress this documentary.

It's called The Fall of Minneapolis. Watch it put in a search engine. Look it up. It only lasts about an hour if, if that, and it makes the case. It lays out what really happened, not. Just on the scene there, but in the aftermath,

it's another example of [00:36:00] how our criminal justice system has no credibility. None. Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd. He didn't even cause his death. So Tucker Carlson, of course, says that. And this is how the Democrats work. When something like that happens, they go, oh, we gotta get, oh, we gotta squash this.

Oh, this could be trouble if people start to poke around and start to learn the truth. Oh my gosh, this is not good. St. George Floyd, he's a creep. He caused his own death. So, uh, really, I encourage a matter if that's your homework. Look up and watch the documentary, the Fall of Minneapolis, and it lays out the case.

It's done by a local reporter. There, an award-winning local reporter, not by some right-winger. So Carlson has the [00:37:00] courage to utter the truth and he's met with this backlash. And, and you know what? Let's be honest folks. Come on now. This is you and me talking. There's probably some of you. I didn't say all and I didn't say many.

There's probably some of you that, well, this, I, I can't say anything bad about, I don't want that coming at, I don't want to have to deal with what Carlson has to put up with. We'd rather just look the other way. We can't look the other way. It's an injustice. I want justice to prevail, and if that means a conclusion.

I don't like. If justice prevails, then that's the goal doesn't always go our way, but I don't want people imprisoned who are denied due process. You know, we claim this stuff right. We walk [00:38:00] around with this, you know, oh, the Justice Department, justice must prevail, people must be brought to justice, and then people make up their own damn definition of justice.

And in this case is we got a chance to imprison and hammer some law enforcement officers. This is coming from the left and they're served up on a platter and we need to take advantage of it.

Cops aren't perfect. Nobody's saying that I had some problems with what I saw, but the problems I have and, and how those officers perform, you know, that's, that might be a, a, a civil issue for the family to sue the Minneapolis Police Department and the, and the city of Minneapolis. It's certainly in criminal.

Not if you include all of the evidence, because in most cases the prosecutor, if the pro, and don't forget who [00:39:00] the prosecutor was, that clown AG in Minnesota, his name escapes me.

A prosecutor who has integrity would've looked at this whole thing and said, yeah, this is not gonna make a lot of people happy. But the fact is, there's no basis here for criminal charges. That would've happened in under most circumstances, like it usually does and it's happened before. You know, look at Ferguson, Missouri.

Oh, you know, remember hands up, don't shoot. Oh, he shot Mike Brown in the back and you know, hands up, don't shoot and all this crap. Come to find out after the investigation, and it went to a grand jury and he said, an officer didn't. Murder Mike Brown, and you have, you know, the left has to live with that.

Meaning you don't like it, but too bad. I don't care what you don't like. An officer didn't commit a [00:40:00] crime, Ferguson police officer and shouldn't be held accountable for murder when he didn't murder anybody, was an act of self-defense. It's an example of sometimes the, the decisions don't go your way. Well, you know what?

That's just the way it is. Or at least the way it should be. Thanks for listening. 

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