Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy Is a Petty Self-Absorbed Individual. Vacant Federal Building Proposal To Be Turned into Migrant Housing. | Episode 44

December 12, 2023 Season 1 Episode 44
Straight Talk With America’s Sheriff David Clarke
Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy Is a Petty Self-Absorbed Individual. Vacant Federal Building Proposal To Be Turned into Migrant Housing. | Episode 44
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Join 'America's Sheriff' David Clarke in this hard-hitting episode of 'Straight Talk', where he dissects the recent developments in Congress, particularly focusing on the number of legislators not seeking reelection and the departure of former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. With his signature straight shooting approach, Sheriff Clarke criticizes McCarthy’s tenure and exit.

Sheriff Clarke doesn't hold back as he questions the accomplishments and real impact of these political figures, drawing from his own experiences and insights. He also touches on broader issues of government dysfunction, the underutilization of federal office spaces, and the potential misuse of these spaces for housing illegal immigrants. This episode is a must-listen for those who want a straight-shooting perspective on the current state of American politics.

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of the straight talk podcast. I am your host, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark. You know, when I started this idea for my own podcast. If you, you know, just go back, you don't have to do this, but if you were to go back to the original, uh, motivation for it, you know, I talked about how I would find stories.

Some of them are front and center in the news, but some of them are obscure. And then I would have some things to say about both. Uh, but mainly the obscure stories. And on the ones that are, [00:01:00] you know, in the news, I take a different angle. I drill down into these things and find little tidbits and I find nuggets of stuff that people missed or people won't say or people won't talk about to make this thing interesting.

Because as you know, everybody today has a podcast, so you have to kind of find, uh, a lane, if you will, you have to find an area to kind of break through all of the noise with, you know, the hundreds of thousands of podcasts that are out there. And, you know, it's very difficult to do, although I did hit a milestone, by the way, I was notified.

I can't remember who it was. That we've reached 25, 000 downloads on one of the, uh, uh, platforms. Quite an accomplishment for a self made podcaster like myself. I don't have a big staff. I don't have [00:02:00] access to a lot of the other things that some of the more popular podcasts have. And you know, I don't whine about that.

I don't care. I have something to say. I have something to add to the dynamic, to the discussion that I think people should hear. That's all. So anyway. You know in the last podcast For those of you who tune in regularly, and I'm not going to waste your time by going into what I talked about last time, but one of the topics I did talk about was the number of people in Congress who are leaving.

They're not running for reelection for their house seat. We're mainly talking about some of them are Senate seat, but mainly house seats. And I talked about this article that kind of lamented, Oh, we're losing all this experience, like 380. Uh, years of experience and so on and so forth, and I just mocked it because it deserved to be mocked.

So we have another one to add to the [00:03:00] mix for this week. Many of you may know, may have heard that former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced that he was not seeking reelection for his seat in the 2024 general election. There's a couple of things that I want to say about his departure. The timing of it, how he talked about himself, patted himself on the back for all of these accomplishments that you and I both know he didn't do any of this stuff or did a poor job if he did do anything about it.

So let's go through some of this and some of the things that were said about him when he made his announcement that he wasn't seeking reelection. First of all, good. Because as I said in the last podcast, the more of these people, these career politicians, and by the way, he was elected in 2006. So he's been there for 17 years.

I don't know, do the math. What is that? About [00:04:00] nine terms or two year terms, nearly nine terms as a California Republican. You know what I think about California Republicans. And that's not to slam the voters, Republican and conservative voters of California, I'm talking about the politicians,

Nancy Pelosi's a California politician. I don't trust California conservatives or Republicans. I just don't. And, and don't bring up more. Hey, Ronald Reagan was from California. That was when California was a solid red state that was many moons ago. It is no longer a solid. Red state. So you have to walk a tight wire.

If you're a Republican in California, especially if you live in a, in a swing district in California, if you want to make it a win election in the house or in the Senate, first of all, you're not going to win [00:05:00] in the Senate running as a Republican. That's not going to happen. And the same nowadays for governor of the state of California, forget about it if you're running under the GOP label, anyway, getting back to McCarthy here.

He decides he's hanging it up. Many of you may know, some of you may not know, I am not a fan of Kevin McCarthy. I was not a fan of Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker of the House. If you care to, you can go back at my Twitter or X account, you don't have to waste your time. I'll just tell you about it. And through that whole process, 15 votes.

Before he could get enough of his caucus to become speaker of the house. And every time they held the vote and it failed. And I said, he needs to hang it up. He needs to quit while he's ahead. He doesn't have the juice. And after each vote, he went back and he gave up more and more of his potential [00:06:00] power.

He sold his soul, ladies and gentlemen, to become speaker of the house. You can't do that. When you do that, it will come back to bite you in the rear end at some point. And you know, Jim Jordan did it early. I think he had one or two and then he said, I'm done. And then there was another guy, you know, whose name came up and, you know, he, he, I don't even know if he got a vote and he just said, I'm withdrawing my name.

That's what you do. You know why? Because when you do it the way Kevin McCarthy did, you're dealing with the Freedom Caucus. And I support the Freedom Caucus, by the way, including Matt Gates. But when you do that, you diminish your authority. You diminish your room to move, to do things that you know need to be done that might not be real popular.

And Kevin McCarthy didn't have the wherewithal to do that. So instead he endured 15 floor votes, or not [00:07:00]floor votes, you know, caucus votes to become Speaker of the House. So when he got in there, he was already A basically a lame duck. His days were numbered. The minute he took the oath to become speaker of the house, the clock was already ticking.

He was dead man walking because they there's this procedural move where only, where only takes one member to recall the speaker of the house. And put it up for a vote again, one member that means he was owned by any member of his caucus and he had a lot of detractors, but it was a lifelong. I shouldn't say lifelong career long dream of him after he got to the United States House of Representatives in 2006 to be Speaker of the House to rise within the ranks of the [00:08:00] Republican Party, the leadership positions.

So then, as you know, he was recalled and then he had a hissy fit. Kevin McCarthy took his ball and he went home, you know, that, that, that adage, you know, you're, you're, you're playing a game, either a basketball or baseball, there's only one, one ball. And somebody who owns the ball uses it to be included in the game, to be picked on a team.

And if they don't get their way, they take the ball and go home. And then there's going to be no game. That's what Kevin McCarthy did. Took his ball. Then he went home.

He's petty. He's a small man. He's self absorbed he's self infatuated. He's full of self importance is an [00:09:00]egomaniac.

And that describes a lot of people in Washington, D. C. They're just full of themselves, thinking the world, D. C. Because that's the bubble they live in, when I say the world. They think the world, the bubble of D. C., revolves around them. And if they weren't there, the whole thing would fall apart. This is what these people believe.

Because they live in this bubble. While the rest of us, the United States of America, we look at these people and we know who they are. They mean little to us. And the most, most of us, they mean nothing.

So anyway, he announces last week that he's not going to seek re election. Okay, that's, that's okay. I mean, you know, he, fine. You've been there long enough anyway. Go. But here's the kicker, ladies and gentlemen. He decides to leave. In December [00:10:00] of 2023. The term lasts until January of 2025. But let's say 2024 is the election.

So he's got for the most part a year left on his two year term and he quit. He's a quitter. That's what he's took his ball and went home. And there's a reason why he did that to stick it to the GOP in the House of Representatives to stick it to Speaker Mike Johnson, who didn't do anything to McCarthy.

He wasn't after that seat originally. But he did the, I'll show you, you'll miss me, that's why I said he's petty, he's full of self importance, self infatuation, I'm important, no he's not, he's not important, none of those people are, none of them, [00:11:00] message to the DC politician political class. You are not important.

What you do might be important, but you are not important. So he quits in the middle of the game. He quit on his district. He signed up for two year term when he ran for reelection. He signed up for a two year term. There are several others who are not seeking reelection. They're going to fill out the term.

Abide by your word, fill out the term. I know you're upset because you've been told you're not wanted. And that's hard for a person who reaches the stature of, of Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, or the Senate President, or some party leader, you know, majority leader or the, any of those powerful party positions, partisan positions.[00:12:00]

These people start believing their headlines. They're always in the news. They're always sought after to be interviewed on the Sunday talk shows. They're always on. The cable news shows, everybody kisses their feet, they bow down to these people as they walk through the halls of Congress and those executive offices, the House office, the Senate office buildings.

Oh, oh, there's, there's, here, here, here comes the speaker. Oh, look, look, look, there's Mitch McConnell. Oh, look, there's Chuck Schumer. And they love that stuff. They eat it up. I always told myself, when I was in office as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, a county of a million people, It's a large county, one of the 50 largest counties in the United States of America.

I always looked in the mirror and reminded myself that the guy looking back at me, which was myself, I said, this isn't about you. What you do is important, [00:13:00] Clark, but who you are, it's not. There were sheriffs before you and there'll be sheriffs after you. It's about service. Uphold your oath. I used to have to remind myself of that because it can be consuming.

It can be addicting. The media was always, they always wanted to know what Sheriff Clark thought about things. They always wanted to interview you and I get it, but that's why you have to remind yourself this isn't about you. Might be about what you do, but it's not about you. So anyway, McCarthy, he leaves early, and it says here in this article, Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy's decision to exit Congress early will shrink the GOP's razor thin majority and further hobble passage of stall, spending, and policy bills.

The exit of both, now we're talking about George [00:14:00] Santos, he was expelled, and Mr. McCarthy and the expected departure early next year of Representative Bill Johnson of Ohio will leave Speaker Mike Johnson with a mere two seat advantage. The smaller majority will make it more difficult for Mr. Johnson of Louisiana to muster unity in the fractured conference.

It's a feat that his predecessor McCarthy often struggled with and has ultimately led, it is what ultimately led to his historic, historic ousting. Mr. Johnson will have little wiggle room in the GOP conference as he faces a January deadline to pass stagnant spending bills and avoid a government shutdown.

Here's some more on, on this. Kevin McCarthy, there's a headline. Newsweek. Kevin McCarthy taking revenge on Mike Johnson. This is from an ex Trump aide. Kevin McCarthy's announced exit from the house of representatives is a strategic decision. You see [00:15:00] what I mean? That's exact. I saw this right away. This is not some startling revelation, by the way, that I, you know, discovered this, I said, he's doing this for a reason.

So it says here. It's a strategic decision meant to politically hurt Speaker Mike Johnson, said former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farrah Griffin. His abrupt announcement further ties the hand of the House GOP, which in November of 2022 barely attained the majority and is now hanging by a thread. Less than one year off from the next major election cycle.

You see what I mean? You know, McCarthy was responsible for, like, making sure this red wave happened. And it didn't happen. But he wants to think that he's all that. So it says here, Griffin. Former Trump aide, now a co host on The View, [00:16:00] said on the show Tuesday that McCarthy fully realizes the political implications of his decision.

Here's a quote from her. Kevin McCarthy is petty, Griffin said, emphasizing the word. He wants to make Mike Johnson's life harder. So by him stepping down, that gives him only two votes to get anything by. Because he wants people to miss him. She nailed it.

He wants them to be like, yes, it was better under Kevin to end the quote from Griffin. That's exactly it. I'll show you, you know, there's a phrase adversity doesn't. What does it say? A shape character. It reveals it. We found out who Kevin McCarthy really is, petty individual, took his ball and wanted to go home.[00:17:00]

So there's some more here.

Here's somebody who commented after McCarthy announced his abrupt exit from the House of Representatives. I didn't name it, but this guy wanted anonymity. Not everyone in Sacramento liked him, though. One former elected official noted that, quote, Kevin is all about Kevin, all ego, all self gratification, no guiding principles, no morals.

He nailed it. That is Kevin McCarthy. I said a California. Republican. So this article here goes on to say being a solid schmooze hound works well in Sacramento. And not so much in Washington, D. C., where guys like McCarthy, if they're not deft, get their [00:18:00] heads served up like the submarine sandwiches he used to make.

That's cool. You know, he started a sub sandwich shop business, uh, early on before he got elected to Congress. So this goes on to say, until a few weeks ago, McCarthy was second in line for the presidency of the United States. In Sacramento. There isn't a nuclear war component to your mistakes. D. C. is not as forgiving, and McCarthy crossed people.

The only thing one should believe from Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida, is that he said McCarthy lied to him, and I believe Gaetz.

So remember, you know, the main theme is this self absorbed attitude that McCarthy has. He writes an op ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, so obviously it was for the Wall Street Journal. [00:19:00] And of course, former speaker, they're going to print it. So let's go through this thing. This, this, uh, and it's basically, it's a, it's a self made awards ceremony.

You know, there's a rule in life, you're supposed to let other people fan your flames. You're supposed to let other people point out what you've accomplished, how good you are, or how great you are. You're not supposed to do it yourself. Let others do that. So he writes this editorial, I'm leaving the house, but not the fight.

Yes, he left the fight. He left his district hanging. He left the slim majority in the House of Representatives hanging. He left Speaker Mike Johnson hanging. He left the fight. And you know what? [00:20:00] Here's another thing. You know what McCarthy's going to end up doing after this? He's going to join some DC lobby firm, just like Paul Ryan did same thing.

And become a millionaire, multi millionaire, that's what he's going to do. This guy is so plastic, he's so transparent, you could close your eyes and you could see what he's all about. So let's go through this thing, he says, by Kevin McCarthy, I'm an optimist, how could I not be? I'm the son of a firefighter, for 17 years I've served in the same congressional seat.

Now that's too long, he's, basically what that's code language for, I've been a career politician. That's how I interpret these things, the people, these two bit politicians say. So it says, I helped lead Republicans to a House majority, twice. See, that's why I blame him [00:21:00] for the, the red wave that did not happen.

He was supposed to lead this thing. And he failed. He failed miserably. They were expecting to have like a 40 seat Majority to have flipped that house by 40 seats. They ended up what I think four, four or five, a colossal failure.

So it says I remain cheerfully persistent when elected speaker, because I knew what we could accomplish, even with the slim margins in the house. We pass, here we go. We passed legislation to secure the border. The border is not secure. As a matter of fact, when the border was somewhat secure, you know, who secured it on his own president Trump.

If you recall, Paul Ryan was speaker, but Kevin McCarthy was in the leadership in the GOP caucus. They fought Trump on border wall [00:22:00] funding. They denied it. President Trump had to declare a national emergency along the border to find money in other areas that he could then use to start building a border wall.

So what does he mean we passed legislation to secure the border? No, he did not. It's a lie. And he wasn't up pounding the table when Trump was asking for money for the border wall. I didn't hear Kevin McCarthy pounding the table saying, we got to give this to him because we got to secure the border. No.

He didn't. So it says here we pass legislation to achieve energy independence as Trump's doing to see stealing somebody else's thunder for him to cloak himself in it, and we secured legislation to reduce crime. Crime is at an all time high all throughout the United States. What the hell? Is he talking [00:23:00] about, did it pass any legislation to reduce crime?

It says here, we passed legislation to hold government accountable and establish a parental bill of rights. I must have missed that one. To hold government accountable. Nobody in government's ever held accountable. Nobody. Unless you're George Santos. So it says here, we kept our eyes on America's long term global challenges.

By restoring the intelligence committee to its original charter and establish a bipartisan Senate select committee on the Chinese communist party. I don't even know what that means. The Intel community is a mess, a solid mess spying on Americans, intelligence failure after intelligence failure. And he [00:24:00] played a role in that.

Here's a good one. We reduced the deficit by more than two trillion dollars and protected the full faith and credit of the United States. You know what that is? That's word salad. He did not, and under his leadership, not even before he became Speaker, they did not reduce the deficit. I'm sorry, the debt by two trillion dollars, or the deficit.

No, they didn't. They've been running a deficit. Now, there's a difference between the deficit and the debt, but, and then the deficit gets added on to the

They've been outspending what they're taking in every year. For a very long time, they haven't had a budget. When he was Speaker, why didn't he put together a budget for the first time in, I don't know, 25 or 30 years? He continued the [00:25:00] practice of continuing resolutions to fund the government with no spending cuts.

Why? Because he was afraid that if the government shut down, you know, the GOP would get blamed for it. He didn't, and early in his saying, he says, we always did what was right. That's what he says in here. Well, that would have been right to reduce spending and he didn't do it. So, and here's another dog whistle statement here.

We kept our government operating. And protected the full faith and credit of the U S you know what that means? It continued to raise the debt ceiling, no reduction in spending. So he writes this thing, you know, and it's just, like I said, it's all about, Hey, look at me, look what I did. And it's all, it's all a bunch of BS.

It's a lie. It's a big lie. Didn't do any of this stuff. Washington's broken. It's dysfunctional. [00:26:00] So it says here is in this spirit that I've decided to depart the house of representatives at the end of the year to serve America in new ways. Please spare us. Okay. We don't want your type of service anymore.

You've done enough damage. You're not the only one that's on both sides of the aisle. You've done enough damage to this country to last a lifetime. Enough damage that we may never be able to come out from under. So now he wants to, it says here, the Republican party is expanding every day, unfortunately. I don't mean the voters.

I'm talking about these crooks in these political positions. And I'm committed to lending my experience to support the next generation of leaders. What experience? Remember the article I talked about last week? And the podcast, you know, the, the article said we're losing [00:27:00] 380 years of experience, what experience it's dysfunctional.

We don't need that. Please don't poison the future generation of people who might want to serve in these positions. Don't poison them with. The DC way. So it says, it often seems that the more Washington does, the worse America gets. Right. So we don't need your help. We don't need your, whatever you want to do next.

And all you're going to do is join a lobby firm. That's how you're going to serve

becoming a millionaire as a lobbyist. These people make me sick. Paul Ryan did it. They all do it.

So it goes on here to say. I could never have imagined the journey when I first threw my hat into the ring. I go knowing that I left it all on the field. Oh, yeah, right. [00:28:00] You left it all on the field. That's why you quit. You didn't leave it all on the field. You'd serve until January of 2025.

I left it all on the field as always with a smile on my face. A smile on my face. He's sulking. That's what it is. He's sulking because he didn't get his way and someone ousted him and looking back. I wouldn't have had it any other way. That's Kevin McCarthy's farewell address. What a crock of you know what?

So I looked up another thing. He was elected to Congress in 2006. Okay. When you're a freshman. Representative, freshman, Senator, you're not gonna be able to do too much, right? The status quo prevails, you gotta wait your turn, it's hierarchy based, [00:29:00] you just sit there and shut up and vote when we, you know, and how we tell you to vote, when and how.

But anyway, when he came in, the deficit, I'm sorry, the debt, the national debt was 8 trillion. In 2006, 2007, it went up, 2008, it went up to 10 billion.

In 09, it went up. In 2010, it went up to 13 billion. In 11, it went up. 2011. In 2012, it's now 16 billion. 2013, it went up. 2014, it went up. 2015, it went up. 2019, 2016, it went up. 2017, it's now up to 20 trillion. Dollars [00:30:00] 2018. It went up 2019, it went up 2020 went up to 26 trillion. 2021 to 28 trillion, 2022 to $30 trillion.

I might have misspoken some of these years. I said trillion. Uh, billion, not trillion. At trillion in 2023. It is $34 trillion. It has never gone down. In the last, since he's been there, Kevin McCarthy, 2 0 0 6, and he was involved in this. He was part of it. He voted on these spending bills. He voted for these continuing resolutions.

He never, he was never one to, like I said, pound the table like Chip Roy does and demand spending cuts. Not Kevin McCarthy because, you know, like the former state official said about Kevin McCarthy in [00:31:00] Sacramento, being a schmooze hound works well in Sacramento, but not so much. In D. C. where guys like McCarthy, if they're not deaf, get their heads served up like the submarine sandwiches he used to make.

And if McCarthy in his farewell address, this op ed, if he actually accomplished all of these things that was part of it, why did Chip Roy, and I talked about this, I played it in a couple of previous podcasts, Chip Roy in the well of the house gave an impassioned speech to his colleagues. The GOP says, name one thing I can go back to my congressional district in 2020 foreign campaign on that we've accomplished.

He says, name one thing you should go back and listen to that. Not the whole podcast, but you know, put it in your search engine. Chip Royce [00:32:00] saying GOP has accomplished nothing because Chip Royce is right. Chip Royce. Position is reality based. McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy's view of the world is delusional. His view of Washington, DC is delusional.

His view of what he thinks they accomplished is delusional. And of course the stuff that's written and, you know, it just, you know. In one ear out the other, he knows nobody's going to challenge this. Shame on the Wall Street Journal for not having a counter op ed the next day from one of their opinion writers and write a counter to this op ed and say some of the things that I've said.

This guy must be on drugs, McCarthy. Either that or I missed all of this. Well, [00:33:00] the stuff he said there, we secured the border. That's the number one issue going into 2024, our unsecured border,

the national debt continues to rise. The spending continues to go on unabated.

That's just some of the stuff that you hear about every day in the news cycle and switching gears. There's this, again, this goes in line with what I opened the podcast with in terms of Things that I bring up that aren't headline stuff at the time. It's not breaking news, but I find it interesting. I've talked several, several podcasts about this problem with this federal office buildings are 80 percent vacant.

Government audit fines. Remember I talked to, I said, I would, I would bring you [00:34:00] stuff that you may not care about. It may, you know, slip through the news cycle and the billions of dollars. This is costing the American taxpayers and why these federal workers are still working from home when the pandemic's over why they haven't been ordered back to work.

Like Ronald Reagan did with the striking air traffic controllers, told him, you got 24 hours, I think they gave him 20, maybe even 48 hours to get back to work. If not, you're fired. Some came back, the ones that didn't, FIRED!

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Why is anybody in Washington, D. C., whoever heads these agencies, why are they begging these workers to come back? These lucrative federal jobs, with lush benefits. Why are they begging these people, order them back! To work. And if you're afraid that they'll all quit, let them quit.[00:35:00]

These agencies will be fine. Might be rough for a little while. But then you'll find out, you know what, we never really needed half of these people. You don't have to fill those positions, you just, you know, we never really needed them. So you know, I talked about this in several podcasts, I gave you updates, so I got another update.

An idea has been floated, and I'm not making this up. When you hear this, you might say, Oh, come on, Clark, you, you, you're making this up. No, I'm not making this up. An idea has been floated to fill empty federal buildings with illegal immigrants to turn This prime real estate in Washington, D. C., these federal buildings, to turn them into migrant camps, to house migrants, to house illegal aliens.[00:36:00]

I'm not making this up. A story popped up from the Washington Times, it says the department, the Biden administration is desperate to find shelter for all the illegal immigrants caught and released into the United States. Perhaps they could stay in federal buildings, this story starts out. Department of Homeland Security's palatial headquarters in Washington's Southeast Quadrant sits nearly 70 percent vacant, according to data released this week by Senator Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican.

I'm not happy with her over this story either. It says that the, listen to this, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose mission is to put Americans into homes, is even worse. Their mission is to put Americans into homes, not migrants, not illegal aliens. It says its headquarters, Housing and Urban Development, HUD, is 93 percent vacant.

So [00:37:00] is the Social Security Administration's main building outside Baltimore, the Office of Personnel Management. The government's human resource energy is a ghost town. With 88 percent of its space unoccupied, General Service Administration, the government's chief landlord, can't fill its own headquarters.

It's an 89 percent vacancy rate. Across two dozen departments and agencies, not a single one was at even 50 percent capacity in the first three months of this year, according to Ms. Ernst's figures. This is a quote from Joni Ernst. Well, it's not the night before Christmas, yet there's not a creature stirring, not even a mouse, in the halls of the, across the city, she said in releasing the occupancy figures.

She said the Biden administration gave the numbers to her, but didn't want them released publicly. She defied the demand, saying the public needs to know how bad things have become in the federal workforce. Goes on to say here, [00:38:00] COVID's been over for years, so where are the workers, she asked. And Washington Time reached out to the worst performing agencies to ask about the vacancies and their plans to rectify matters.

None of the agents provided a comment. The GSA, uh, Government Service Accountability, controls more than 90 million square feet of office space in the Washington region alone, and the government holds about 511 million square feet nationally, GSA figures on 150 to 180 square feet of unusable space per employee.

The 24 headquarters buildings for which Ms. Ernst released data were operating at about 20 percent full use. So Ms. Ernst, here's what I'm not happy with her about, suggests a meeting of the minds. [00:39:00] So called sanctuary cities have run out of space to shelter the influx of immigrants that the Biden administration is allowing to enter the country illegally.

With two thirds of the Department of Homeland Security headquarters going unused, maybe the agency causing the problem can solve it by opening their doors, she told The Time. I know she's speaking tongue in cheek there. But you can't Don't do this, Ms. Ernst. Don't give the Democrats any ideas. Because you just gave them one.

And I would not be surprised if behind the scenes the Democrats craft a plan. First of all, they'll have to retrofit these damn buildings to make them livable. These are office buildings. Can you imagine the hundreds of billions of dollars it would take? To even, you know, a couple of these buildings to retrofit them into apartments or whatever.[00:40:00]

This will be proposed next by the Democrats. Well, you know, it's not being used. We can save taxpayers money by, you know, filling it up with illegal aliens and migrants. And trust me, if Biden gets reelected in a second term with no reelection hanging over his head, they will do this. And nobody will stop.

Oh, yeah, the Republicans will say, Oh, you can't do this. Oh, this is foul. Oh, this is, you know, a waste and all Americans. We got service members living on the streets. And yet we're gonna Yeah, yeah, this is what they'll do. They'll, they'll use it for political purposes. Yeah, you're right. We have homeless veterans.

We have homeless Americans. And we're going to take this prime real estate. Which should be sold on the real estate market, which fets a lot of money, to would be private [00:41:00] investors for office space, and they'll retrofit this into migrant housing encampments. They will. So when I saw this story, I, I, I wasn't shocked, but I said, I laughed.

I said, as long as this stuff sits there vacant and nobody wants to do anything about it, I mean, they've done this in other cities, these sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. They've taken hotels and in New York and turn them into migrant encampments, hotel space.

This is, this is what's going on. Don't be shocked. I'm not leaving this story. I'll keep you posted. That's what I'm here for. It's why I'm doing a podcast

to keep you posted on some of the crap. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentlemen, the tip of the [00:42:00] iceberg. As the dysfunction and as to what's going on in Washington, D. C.

This is amazing to me. It is anyway, and it's going to continue to go on. You know why? Because the American people won't do anything about it.

What do I mean by that? Start electing people who are going to go to Washington and push back against the status quo and the way things are done and to go along to get along and be a Marjorie Taylor Greene and be a Matt Gaetz, be a Firebrand, be willing to take the heat, be a Senator Tuberville, be willing to take the heat to truly make a difference.

Thank you for joining me.[00:43:00]

You talk about race, crime, and politics. Some folks lose sleep over this, but not me because I sleep just fine on my Giza dream sheets and pillow from my pillow, especially this new 2. 0. If you haven't gotten yours yet, you are missing out. Just go to mypillow. com and use promo code Clark at C L A R K E and save up to 66 percent off.

The direct link is also available on my website, americasheriff. com. Get a great night's sleep so we can continue the fight. Friends, I want to thank you for listening to today's episode of Straight Talk with yours truly, America's Sheriff David Clark. And a special thank you also goes out to our sponsors.

My goal as always is to break down these complex and many times controversial issues and bring it to you straight with a little dose of common sense, no media bias, no talking points, just truth. And this podcast would not be possible without your support. I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you did, please leave a review at [00:44:00] applepodcasts.

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